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A map could be the perfect combination of “illustrated knowledge” since a vivid picture along with an explanatory summary can be the best guide in learning. In that way, complexity in identifying useful information is no more a problem to students.
Socrates Angeletos’ Geographic Institute started its activities in 1976, in order to develop and publish various kinds of school maps and atlases. Among them, geographical maps, history maps, maps of anatomy, zoology, chemistry, botany, etc.
 Institute’s goal is to provide teachers and students with an indispensable educational tool. Teaching with a map helps students to connect the information given with the picture and so it is easier for students to remember most important points of the subject. In that way maps promote “understanding than learning by heart”.

Over the last decades Geographic Institute’s maps have taken a leading position in the relevant market and their reputation concerning their high standards of quality is taken for granted.

The production process follows the most modern techniques. The maps are designed via computers using evolved GIS software, like ARC/ INFO, for qualitative relief depiction.

Maps are plasticized with subdue material and are easy to unfold, due to their unique design and package. Both sides of maps combine one or more thematic units. In that way more information is included, whereas the cost remains low.

Moreover, maps are always updated in order to offer the best piece of information in accordance to a vivid depiction.

Geographic Institute’s maps are preferred by a vast amount of schools and teachers, for all levels of education, due to the fact that are of excellent quality. Moreover, Geographic Institute’s maps are approved and referenced by the Greek Ministry of Education.

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